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LEFOO LEFOO Interruptor de presión mecánica

Rango: 0,2 ~ 45bar (LF08) /0,5 ~ 250 psi (LF20)
Estructura compacta, presión ajustable
Buena durabilidad: Protección IP67 opcional
Serie múltiple, arnés de cableado de varios conectores
Adecuado para la mayoría de los medios y sitios de trabajo complejos

Mechanical Pressure switches

Mechanical pressure switches will convert gas/fluid pressure into an actual motion upon mechanical switches that are used to connect or disconnect electric circuits. The pressure switch will have a configurable mechanical adjustment of the switch point and provides an accurate control without an electricity supply.

In a mechanical pressure switch, a spring, a piston, and a diaphragm opens or closes a circuit when the media pressure rises or drops to a configurable exact value( switch point), the diaphragm or piston undergoes the pressure and transfer to a movement to micro switch that open to open or close a circuit.

For example, mechanical pressure switches can either be designed for frequent switching cycles in-process control or minimal switching cycles in safety applications . Critical applications require a redundant, and largely dormant, safety guard, that provides an instant switch signal when pressure crosses a certain pre-set threshold. Mechanical pressure switches of  lefoo pressure switch are reliable and low-cost. And with the variety of options available, they meet the requirements of many different applications. However, They are not the first choice in electronic systems for process control however, due to mechanical wear which results in premature failures.

Things to Know Before Selecting a Mechanical Pressure Switch

A carefully chosen mechanical pressure switch will have a longer service life. An economic pressure switch should able for at least 1 million switching cycles. High-quality pressure switches should provide over 5 million switching cycles. Starting with this standard. Here are some factors to consider include:

Media and temperature — The media type and its temperature are vital when determining the pressure switch for the case,  quality, and type of sealed O-ring. Nitrile butadiene rubber (NBR) is a good diaphragm material for mechanical pressure switches that work with medium temperatures and air or hydraulic oil. When the medium is water, ethylene propylene diene monomer rubber (EPDM) is better. Flourosilicone rubber (FVMQ) withstands higher temperatures.

Pressure — the durability of the diaphragm and Spring are Inversely proportional to the pressure range and frequency of switch control. stainless steel, the piston is better suited for higher pressure ranges.

Adjust Switch point — The switch point can be re-adjustable when connecting to a digital pressure analyzer and the pipework of media. With calibration by your measuring gauge,

Either clockwise or counterclockwise the threaded stud inside the spring can adjust the switch point.

There are also some environmental factors— Electrical current and voltage rating, weather protection, resistance to vibration and shock, mounting, and process connections also affect which type of switch to use.

LEFOO Pressure Switches Applications

LEFOO pressure switches are used to protect pumps from an empty operation or as protection for oil lubrication systems. Water pressure switches in residential, commercial, and agricultural applications auto-regulate water flow. Boiler pressure switches act as safety devices for industrial as well as residential purposes. They detect the negative pressure during the furnace start-up and shuts down the furnace if there is low air pressure. Vacuum pressure switches like air compressor switch measure vacuum or negative pressure in the system. They are used in residential boilers, electric heaters, air compressors, and transmission systems. In the pneumatic system, pneumatic pressure switch mainly plays the role of adjusting, reducing or stabilizing the pressure of the air source, controlling the action sequence of the executive components, and ensuring the safety of the system. High pressure switch is mainly used to switch on or cut off load currents in the event of equipment failure or severe overload. Pump pressure switch is applied to the water level control of various sewage pumps and drainage systems. Refrigerant pressure switch can detect the pressure of the refrigeration cycle system, and activate the corresponding protection circuit when the pressure changes abnormally.

Lefoo provides mechanical pressure switches and also electrical switch/transmitters which offer a variety of switch functions that provide excellent accuracy and stability. Multiple output signals, pressure ranges, and connection types. These sensors are ideal for applications including HVAC, water treatment, and transportation, hydraulics & pneumatics, power generation.

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